DIY Evap Cooling Fan! – Homemade “misting style” Evap Air Cooler! – Simple Box-Fan Conversion!

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Hey there, this is quick video toshow you how to turn a regular20 inch box fan into a misting boxfan. Just using some PVC like that, that’s on medium speed, medium water flow! That’S on high, just velcro on there apply the hookedsides of the velcro to any fan. Drop thatOn good to go. You can see it’s going allthe way into the corner.


It’S working beautiful! It’S completely filling that corner of theyard with cool air. It’S like 30 degreescooler over there. Now it’s reallycranking just turned up the water Look all I mist coming off of there.that’s awesome, it’s working perfect.


otice how the wall and the wood is not gettingwet at all. Just cooling it off big time: Okay, got it off training any residualwater. Take it off just go like that.there, it is You can use it on any fan.just have to have the hook side of somevelcro.


You can actually pick this upby, the velcro. If you want to actually holds it, then when you’re done just take it off. All right and now the build all right, I’ll space it out. Aboutlike this and we’ll cut down the pieces.about.


A three in section all right looks likethree inch. Sections is going to work out good, I’m going to go ahead and put them in looselyfirst just to see how it all lines up all right, just about like that. That fits really good and the nozzles just screw in all right. Now, let’s go ahead and pipecement the whole thing together. I’M gon na go with the mediumgray PVC cement on this one, just like that, and, of course make sure the holes are lined.


Upstraight Because you can’t move it after it dries by the way, if you don’t want to see allthe pipe cement, they do make this in clear. Okay, it’s all set Time to clean up okay, the next thing is attaching it on here I’mgoing, to put zip ties here here and here that’llleave room for velcro strips here and here andon the fan and then we’ll just drop it on the fan. Just do it around the couplers by the waynot, the pipe. You don’t want the stress on thepipe, because it’s not flush with the wood Okay, now we’ll just put velcro here and on the fan. Okay, now these to the fan so any time you want to change this from aregular fan to the misting fan, just drop the bar on that’s it.Not sure if you can see thisor not, but I put it so that when thisis laying flush against the fan, thenozzles point down just a little bit.



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