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Hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new to my channel go ahead and hit that subscribe, button to see more home holiday event and DIY decor. Geometric decor is the latest trend and wedding and home decor. So today, I’m going to show you how to make a hanging geometric, floral decor. Here we go alright guys. I am so so excited to be making this yo metric, floral home decor for my home, and to do that.

I’M going to be using these two bamboo hoops, and first thing you have to do is just pop the inside part out, and you can keep the other half for another project. If you like. Look for now all you’re going to need. Is these two loops this one? It’S a 9 inch and this one is a 12 inch, but you can make it any size.

You, like I’m, also going to be using this round wooden dowels and they are three and 16 inches in circumference and they are talking just long for each hope. You are going to need eight dollars and you’re going to have to cut a few line for the large hoop you are going to need for pool doubles. They are taught inches long and you’re going to need that in one touch. This one is fine, but then you’re going to have to cut four of them. So if you can make three three-quarters of the twelve inches here, so you’re only going to cut a quarter of it off and then for the small loop you’re going to need to cut a quarter of it off as well for four of them and then you’re Going to cut the dowels in half here so to run that again for 12-inch for three quarters for three quarters and half alright, let’s get started, and by the way I use this wire cutter to cut my dowels.

I think that’s what it is this. I actually found this in my husband’s toolbox. I don’t even think he misses it. I’Ve been using it for a while to cut my flowers and then they just cut right through it just like paper. So it was pretty pretty easy.

I’M going to start with my 12 inch dowels, I’m going to place them on top of the hoops opposite of each other to make a triangle right here. On top, this is pretty much it. You just make triangles to make the geometric look and then now I’m going to move on to the bottom, which is going to be a little tricky, but it can be done for sure. For this part, I’m going to be using my 3/4 dowels and I’m going to be gluing them right behind the ones that are already on there and I’m going to be doing the same exact thing. I did at the top make sure to add more glue between the hoop and the dowel to secure it and there you have it run down and another one to go for my 9 inch hoop, I’m going to be doing the same exact thing, except that I’m Going to be using 3/4 of the dowels and half of the dowels, don’t they look like diamonds?

They are pretty pretty neat. I love them. So I’ve decided that I’m going to make the shorter part of D of the core here, which I want to call a lamp. So I’m just going to change the name. It’S going to be geometric, floral hanging lamp.

There you go. I think that sounds better. So I’m going to make this lamp or my decor, this is going to be the bottom and this is going to be the top right. Don’T that look better? I don’t know it’s going to be totally up to your taste, so I’m going to be attaching twine right here to the top, so I can hang it from there.

I already did that with the bigger one. So it’s going to look something like so I don’t have a lot of room here yeah. So it’s going to look something like that and I’m going to show you how, in just a sec, you’re just going to grab your twine and just glue it to the top part of your lamp or you’re hanging decor. So what I did was I just I didn’t want to make a knot, so I just pulled a little bit over wrap it around, so it can stay Center because I was afraid that if I made a knot, he wouldn’t hang in the center cuz. Sometimes, when you make a knot, it can just you know, turn it to the side, so I’m just wrapping the little piece around the longer piece of twine.

So like that, I can be right in the middle ouch. I keep burning myself. Sorry, it’s a good pain. Scrap pain, alright, so yeah, so he’s going to look at something oops, and here it is so here’s what I have so far now I’m getting ready to paint them go now, I’m going to let it dry for a few minutes. It doesn’t take really that long to dry, but I’m going to give it about fifteen or thirty minutes, probably thirty minutes to dry and then I’m going to start decorating it with the flowers I’m going to be decorating.

With some of this greenery, I found 50 % off up Michaels and I’m going to also use this roses from Dollar Tree that I already had down in my basement. I wish I had more of these, but I’m going to make it work, and first thing: I’m going to do is glue some of the greenery here with my hot glue gun, you want to add some of the darker roses, so I added this greenery here to The very back of the other flowers and the front to give it some balance because it was tilting in that direction. So now buy me a tea, this greenery and some flowers here it will balance it better. The next step is going to be to add the lights to the decor or the lamp, whatever you want to call it and then once I glue them on, I’m probably going to have to add a couple of leaves back here to hide the pocket of the Batteries somewhere right here, I’m going to be hired in the pocket of the battery with a little more greenery and voila. It is hidden in there.

You can even tell. Is there perfect now I’m going to add the second light on this side and then I’m going to show you the finished product, alright guys this is it. These are my geometric floral hanging, decor or geometric floral lamps. I totally love them and I can’t wait to hang them up outside, but this can be used indoors or outdoors. I hope you have enjoyed this video and I will see you guys next time.


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