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Hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new to my channel go ahead and hit the subscribe button to see more home holiday event, wedding and DIY decor. Today, I’m gon na show you how to make a very easy, but very elegant, wedding, centerpiece and setup. Here we go today’s wedding. Centerpiece is going to be three things, simple, easy and very elegant all right guys. Let’S get started.

This floral arrangement is going to consist of three of this beautiful tall pillar candle holders and then I’m going to add a floral arrangement around it very exciting, and these are very easy to make. I make them all the time easy as one two three done very fast. Well, not really. No, but I’ll tell you that in a second I’m going to use four of the tapered candle holders from Dollar Tree and a standard base from Dollar Tree, and I’m also going to use e6000 and the assistance of hot glue. Here’S the thing, because some of you get it wrong a little bit or maybe I’m not be.

Actually let me blame myself, maybe I’m not as specific enough. I use hot glue to help me find this in front of you guys faster, but for you to do it at home, only use e6000. Okay. This is what’s gon na make your whole centerpiece thing together. Hot glue, you know, know a little fall apart on you.

Okay, all right, so, let’s put it together. Let’S move this to the side, I’m going to add a generous amount on this side and then on this side, the opposite side and then here and then the opposite side. And then I’m going to add hot glue to the areas where I didn’t apply. The e6000 and this type of bonding is okay. If you know you are going to keep your centerpiece indoors in a cool place, because all of my centerpieces I make it like this and they’re still standing every single one of them.

They never fall apart, but they’re. Also in my basement is pretty cool down there. Alright, so then you’re going to Center. It do not push just let it set up on its own and then you’re going to do the same all the way up, and here they are all three of them together they are so nice guy. I love babies.

I love everything I know, but I love these and one thing: if you’re good, don’t have kids by your wedding or whatever you vent, I will suggest you have a round candle holder to the bottom of it. These are pretty solid, but in case you have children and they wan na like bounce off the table or something I mean, I don’t think nothing will happen. These are pretty solid, but for a peace of mind you can add these to it. If you want, it will look something like this, I will turn it over and glue it down. I mean very same thing to me, but it’s totally up to you.

Alright. Now, moving on to the floor, part of this arrangement, I’m going to be using a 15 point, eight-inch reframe and I’m going to use a couple opal Kay’s from Hobby Lobby. This part beautiful. I got three of these, but I’m not sure if I’m using all of them. Yet I will let you know at the beginning of the video where I place all of these supplies and this bouquet has white peonies, and these are hydrangeas.

They have a bit of purple and a little bit of blue this her roses. I’M not sure what this little one is, and this are green berries, it’s very, very beautiful and it was 50 % off at Hobby Lobby. I said that already didn’t I yeah. Alright, I’m also going to use purple hydrangeas. I haven’t found any dollar tree, but I got this some time ago, Hobby Lobby as well.

He said Hobby Lobby, Alisa Michaels. No, these are from Michaels. These are from my clothes, but you can easily find purple hydrangeas at Dollar Tree you’re, just gon na have to wait until they come around, but I’m sure I got this at either 40 % off or 50 % off. I’M going to be cutting my flowers about three inches long and if you are a regular on my channel, you know that I like to distribute my flowers evenly. I think of it in fours, so one two three four so side and back in front and I’m going to be placing one flower of the same kind on for size, okay.

So so far I have two bouquets on here. I still have a couple of empty spots and I have to work on the inside of it, so I’m definitely going to need my third bouquet and the rest of my purple hydrangeas, but so far so good, I’m going to add green hydrangeas from Dollar Tree. I’M actually adding this once last minute because I’m actually afraid that I’m not going to have enough of the purple hydrangeas. So I’m going to add this to cover the phone and some of the empty spaces. And then I’m going to add the flowers that I have left over them look at that he cover all of the foam in the inside and now I can just Pat the rest of the flowers.

I have good call on the green hydrangeas on the inside. You can barely see it, but it still gives it a nice touch, in contrast, and he totally helped with all the empty spaces. Now, I’m going to show you how everything looks together: okay, guys, this is it. This is my simple but elegant, wedding, centerpiece and my favorite thing about this. Centerpiece are the tall pillar candle holders?

I think they are grand and I love them. As you can see, I added the table number to the middle of these centerpiece and I did that by gluing, eight three by five five five picture frame to a taper candle holder. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribe to my channel yet do it right now. Also leave me a comment. I want to know your feedback on my centerpiece and just leave me a comment anyway, because I love to read them.

They’Re really keep me going guys. They really do alright, guys until next time, bye,

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