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Hi guys today would like to introduce you our new misting fan suitable for industrial and commercial purpose. The fan has a diameter of 56 cm with the structure in black paint steel with no corrosion treatment. The motor has a straordinary power of 350 Watt and can work, indoor or outdoor With a easy switch, is possible. Put the misting fan in operation and set 3 different speeds. The oscillating mechanism is totally in steel, an aluminum for a longer reliability.

The Misting ring is in stainless steel, suitable for 6 nozzles, A range of wall ceiling and pedestrian supports are available on request. This axial fan in combination with our misting pumps, New Basic Eco, Evo and HPro, is a ideal solution to cool both in commercial and industrial sites. If you find this video useful, please like it and subscribe to our you tube channel, Keep Cool

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