My Back Patio with the Newair Misting Fan

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Hi lovelies, It’s me Simply Cherie helping you make home and entertaining simple, I’m wan na, say hi to all of my new subscribers. Thank you so much for wanting to join me on this journey, helping you make your home, simplified and organized. If you’re new to this channel, please consider subscribing

I do organizing entertaining decluttering and packing videos So in today’s video I’m going to show you a product that was given to me by Newair

Earlier I had shown you the product they gave me, which was a beverage cooler. They have a lot of cool stuff If you want to check out their website. I’Ll put it in the description box below

If you are someone like me who lives in the Southwest, I live here in Phoenix, It can get really hot in the summer 110-115 and the unfortunate days when it even gets up to 117. So it’s almost incomprehensible, but when it starts becoming like 106 104 102. We’Re just like wow, the weather is awesome. You do need reprieve to cool down your outdoor space. I’M gon na show you my back patio, which I updated a couple years ago. I do have plans to update it some more, but I didn’t do it this summer. Maybe next summer or the summer after that so we’ll see this is the new air 18 inch outdoor misting fan? The model is a f5 2-0 B when you open it up. It looks like this inside. Here is the manual.

It does have some weight to it because and then here’s motor, so when you take it out, it looks like this you can see here is the tubing, and this attaches to the garden hose and I’m just gon na snip this off its pretty long. Is that to stop it or turn it back on? This is what will lock it in underneath and then here, if you lift it up, you can see how the pull can fire and you bring this twist it to lock it. So it has this clip. You put it on the pole and then this part will hold the hose like that. So, to put the motor part on the pole, there is a screw here, so you just have to unscrew it and then screw it on once it’s on the pole, the great yellow Sun is perfecting in your deep blue eyes. That day has begun.

You spin around to spin around you laugh to yourself and I’ll see you shine in every color resting your head in my arms, you see, this is our kitchen nook and to the left is our sliding doors to our backyard? Okay. So this is what our backyard looks like. I got the pillows and umbrellas from Lowe’s and also those white side tables that is a headboard. It’S an indonesian headboard. I used to have roses there, so I’ve got to fix that up. So this is kind of what my backyard looks like during the day, so that is Molly with her toy. She does like to come up here. This is actually a fountain. We don’t use it at all, pretty much because it just uses a lot of water and you’ll find that in Phoenix a lot of the front yards and backyards are all rocks, and that is to conserve water.

So if you have grass and you’re living in this area, you’re pretty lucky, this is I’ve showed my backyard before that’s the AC just turned on, but that’s my neighbor there. That is the view of the mountains from my backyard and we just love it. So you see that’s my neighbor there, so there’s nothing here and it’s pretty nice because it does allow for privacy with my neighbor’s tree, which I don’t mind because it does give some shade. It looks like I do want something like a hammock back here, because I thought, on a beautiful day, it’d be really nice to sleep out here so yeah most of this stuff I got from Lowe’s and then that was on the side of the road. I got this from a nice patio store that is called an elephant bush.

It is a three prong plug so, depending where your outlet is, you might need an extension cord. Okay, so you see I’ve attached the garden hose to it and right now it is off, but the water is on. That is on number one and it’s oscillating, it’s pretty quiet. Okay, this is number two and then this is number three hey back to one and I’m going to turn on the mister, the two with the mister. So you can see it reaches all the way to almost the end of the table. Hugging through the table there and number three with the mr

Nice and it will lock the patio area. Okay, I’ve turned it off and I’m going to tilt the pan head up a little bit. I’M gon na put it on three oscillating with the mr., so we can see how far it goes. Okay, then, this is what it looks like with just the misters without the fan on so you can see even without the fan, it really shoots outs with the myth. So this is the new air 18 inch outdoor misting fan. The model is a f5 20 B I’ll put a link to the product in the description box below if you’re new to my channel. Please consider subscribing and leave me a comment below and let me know how you like this misting fan and I will see you in the next one: bye

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